Travel Vaccines

We routinely stock the following travel vaccines: We can obtain Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis vaccines within 1-2 business days upon request.

Routine Vaccination - Update - 2013

Seasonal Influenza

We are currently vaccinating patients for Influenza on a first come first served basis. The CDC is recommending vaccination to all patients who are not allergic to the vaccine. Higher risk patients for complications of seasonal influenza include the elderly, those with chronic respiratory disease like asthma, and those with immune compromise. The vaccine contains only parts of the influenza virus, and thus it is not possible to contract influenza from the vaccine

Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis vaccine –Tdap

We have this vaccine available to adults who have contract with small children or need routine tetanus update. (Note Medicare does not pay for Tdap but will pay for regular tetanus vaccine)

Zostrix (Shingles vaccine)

This is available to patients over 60 who have had chickenpox or chickpox vaccine and have not had an attack of shingles in the past 24 months. (Note Medicare Part B does not pay for this vaccine , though some Part D pharmacy plans may pay for it). The cash cost is $230 Vaccinations are available daily in the La Jolla office and by prior arrangement in Encinitas.