According to the World Health Organization, some diseases, such as most cases of Hepatitis A, can strike travelers who adhere strictly to the beaten path and stay only in middle to upper class accommodations.

Happily there is something that you can do to ensure your peace of mind and good health - and that of your family. Avail yourself of the preventative medical services of the Travel Health Centers of San Diego. The Travel Health Centers of San Diego offer individually tailored programs to help insure the health of world travelers. These programs are administered by a board certified specialist in Internal Medicine. Some of the essential services provided by our Centers include:

Travel Tips

  • Do not eat leftovers, raw food from street stalls, unpasteurized milk. Avoid salads, fruits, and vegetables that were not cooked, peeled, or properly prepared.
  • Refrain from drinking tap water, even in the best hotels and restaurants; insist on bottled water or canned carbonated drinks.
  • Carry a First Aid/Health Kit with medications such as your regular prescriptions, anti-malarial, analgesics, anti-histamines and drugs to treat diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.Also include spare eyeglasses, and standard first aid supplies like bandages, anti-septics, cotton swabs, small scissors and tweezers.
  • Carry the International Certificate of Vaccination (which the Travel Centers furnishes you) listing all the immunizations you have received, your medical history, and a letter describing any medications you carrying and their indications.
  • Wear insect repellents, long sleeve shirts, and long pants. Avoid perfumes and colognes which might attract insects.
  • Wear your Medic Alert tag if you need one. Last, but not least, make your appointment with one of our Travel Health Centers well in advance of your date of departure.