Travel Health Centers of San Diego Fee Schedule and Payment Policies as of June 2012

Payment Policies

Payment for services is expected at the time of service by either cash or credit card. Sorry, but we do not bill insurance companies nor accept insurance rates for Travel Health Center of San Diego services

Travel Health Centers is a separate enterprise and does not have any contracts with insurance companies to provide consultations or vaccinations at a discounted rate. Many private and public insurance plans do not pay enough to even cover the current wholesale cost of vaccines. Patients are free to use to seek reimbursement from their insurance company on their own.

Note: Vaccine prices are subject to change at any time, due to changes in wholesale prices and availability. Many vaccines are now produced by only one manufacturer for the US market. These monopolies are largely responsible for the significant frequent increases in price and lapses to availability of certain vaccines. We continue to work with our suppliers to provide an uninterrupted supply of quality vaccines at the lowest possible price.


Individual $50
Group $80 A group is individuals seen at the same time
Hepatitis A $95/shot ($190/series) Course is 2 shots 6 months apart (Series good for 25 years)
Hepatitis B $95/shot ($285/series) 3 shots at 0, 30, and 180 days (Series good for 24 years)
Yellow Fever $140 update due every 10 years
Typhim (Typhoid Fever) $65 update due every 2 years
IPOL $48 Polio update (at least once as adult)
MMR $100
Influenza $25
Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, Pertussis) $46
Japanese Encephalitis $245/shot ($490/series) 2 doses one month apart
Meningococcal vaccine $120
Rabies $190/shot 6 doses for post-exposure. 3 doses for prophylaxis
Rubella alone $30
Mumps alone $30
Zostrix (shingles) $220